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The Boffo School (Best Preschool in Sector 117 Noida)
Story Time

Parent's Corner

Story Time

Proud Parents at Boffo

Happy Parents at The Boffo School, Noida

Mr. Anurag Pandey

Session 2022-23

"As a father, I have to say that The Boffo School is a bundle of joy for kids. The staff is friendly and caring, and the place is packed with fun stuff for little ones to learn and explore. My kid loves it there, and I'm stoked to see how much they're growing and learning so quickly. Quite arguably the Best Preschool in Noida."


Mrs. Priyanka Singh

Session 2022-23

"As a mother, my top priority is my child's safety, and The Boffo School has exceeded my expectations in that regard. Their strict security measures, coupled with their accommodating staff and healthy teacher-child ratio, made it an easy choice for me to entrust them with my daughter's early education.

Happy Parents at The Boffo School

Mrs. Swati Pandey

Session 2022-23

"The Boffo School was the perfect choice for my son as the centre boasts plenty of space for children to play and explore without feeling cramped. Easily the Best Playschool in Sector 117 Noida. Its bright and airy environment makes for a welcoming and stimulating place for my child to learn and grow."

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